Transform Your Fertility Journey with EFT<br />
7pm UK Wednesday 22nd November
Transform Your Fertility Journey with EFT<br />
7pm UK Wednesday 22nd November

Join me on Thursday 29th February and make the most of your “extra day” this year!


Live at: 11am PST | 2pm EST |  7pm UK


Discover an easy and effective solution to release fertility stress, & reconnect with your strength, creativity and joy.


What you will learn in the class…

WHY mindset work is important:

I’ll be sharing the research-backed reasons why it is vital to deal with the stress of fertility issues, and how effective emotional self care can make your fertility journey calmer, easier and more joyful.

HOW you will get results:

You’ll be guided through the 5 steps of my C.A.L.M. method to effectively transform your mindset and emotional wellbeing, leaving the class with a personalised plan to bring you real results that make a real positive difference to your fertility journey and every aspect of your life.

Unlocking the POWER of Tapping!

The technique at the core of all the support I offer is EFT (also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or “Tapping”). In the class you’ll learn what EFT is and why it’s perfect for fertility support, as well as learning how to get you the best possible results for your mindset and emotional wellbeing on your fertility journey.


Knowledge of EFT + My 23 years of fertility experience

= A powerful approach to emotional self care for you and your fertility!

What People Say

“When I found Sarah I was looking for something that would help me sort out the thoughts in my head and deal with all of the emotions of this rollercoaster ride of fertility issues. I have learned so much about myself and connected with myself in a way I had never done before. Sarah is simply wonderful and I believe everyone who is going through fertility struggles would benefit from her support.”


EFT support with Sarah changed my fertility journey completely. It started working right from the word go!

It helped me relax during a painful gynaecological operation and during stressful IVF treatment.

I can highly recommend Sarah – a kind and compassionate supporter just when you need it most. I’m happy to say we just celebrated our daughter’s first birthday!


Sarah and this group have been a godsend for me these past few months. I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve stabilised emotionally through Sarah’s support and tapping. I had dabbled into tapping before, but never felt comfortable enough to use it on my own. Through Sarah’s coaching, I now feel empowered and comfortable enough to use it in my everyday life. I’m so so thankful for the gift Sarah has given me!


Sarah Holland
Hello! My name is Sarah Holland

…I am the Fertile Mindset® coach

I believe wholeheartedly in the power and brilliance of your mind. I also know that life can get busy and complicated, and we can feel overwhelmed and held back by our own thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Having supported people who are trying to conceive alongside having fertility issues for over 20 years, I have a deep understanding of the unique emotional challenges faced. I also navigated my own 9 year path to parenthood through both fertility treatment and adoption, and I’m now a mum to two boys age 16 and 10.

Fertility support will alway have a special place in my heart, and it’s an honour to teach these techniques and strategies to make a real positive difference on so many people’s fertility journeys.

I’d love to help you create your own amazing Fertile Mindset through the power of EFT Tapping, and I’m so happy that you’re here!

Transform Your Fertility Journey with EFT<br />
7pm UK Wednesday 22nd November
Transform Your Fertility Journey with EFT<br />
7pm UK Wednesday 22nd November

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