CALM The Fertility EFT support program with Sarah Holland
CALM The Fertility EFT support program with Sarah Holland

A real solution to fertility stress using the power of EFT with unlimited support for as long as you need it.

I understand how challenging fertility issues can be, and how the stress and worry can affect every area of your life.

I believe everyone on a fertility journey needs support, and deserves to transform their experience into something more positive.

Not only to benefit your fertility journey, but also for YOU and your well-being. You deserve to live a happy life NOW while you wait for your baby.

This is why I created C.A.L.M. – The Fertility EFT Support Program.

C.A.L.M. is a supportive framework to reduce stress, eliminate overwhelm, have a joyful life, and still stay positively focused on having a baby.

C.A.L.M. supports you, your fertility AND your life outside of your fertility journey.

The C.A.L.M. framework for fertility support

C – Clarity + Creativity

Are you a “dabbler”? Do you constantly google the latest “fertility cure” and try everything you can, but don’t do anything for long enough to make a real difference?

Perhaps you feel confused by all the possible options, and are worried about making decisions in case you choose the “wrong” path?

This class focusses on eliminating overwhelm and confusion, calming down frantic thoughts, and helping you make good decisions from a place of inner knowing instead of from fear. We’ll also add in some activities to nurture your creativity which is aligned with the creation of life.

A powerful start to C.A.L.M.!

A – Associations + Attachments

Do you feel influenced by others’ opinions about your fertility? Perhaps a doctor gave you a pessimistic prognosis, or stories in the media about age and fertility are making you feel hopeless.

Your own history and story, and any losses, set backs or failed fertility treatments, can also colour how you feel about your fertility journey going ahead. And you may have other associations to pregnancy, birth and parenting which create a sense of fear that you wish to clear.

Within this class we’ll clear the slate of any emotional attachments and associations which no longer serve you or your fertility. And you’ll then discover positive ideas and perspectives which work for your fertility, not against it.

This step of C.A.L.M. has the potential for deep, transformational work.

L – Living + Loving

Have you lost YOU within your fertility struggles? Have you been fully focussed on baby making, and the rest of your life has been neglected? When was the last time you read a book that didn’t have “Baby” or “Fertility” in the title?!

Your relationships (partner, friends, relatives) may be suffering under the strain of fertility issues, especially if you rely on one person for support. Strengthening your relationship as a solid foundation for the parenting journey ahead is an essential focus, as well as bringing back some fun and joy into your life while you’re still trying for your baby.

This week is about respecting, honouring and welcoming back the real YOU! It’s also about nurturing a loving relationship and strong friendships and having fun. You deserve it (and it will support your fertility!)

A beautiful, joyful part of the C.A.L.M. journey.

M – Manifesting + Magic

You may be finding it difficult to believe you will have a baby. Your inner voice may be saying “I’ll never be a mother” or “I don’t believe it will ever happen”.

Listening to and transforming this inner dialogue is important to ensure that your thoughts and feelings are supportive of the actions and steps that will take you closer to your baby.

In this class we’ll also use EFT alongside visualisation for a very powerful practice. Whether or not you believe in manifestation, approach this session with an open mind and heart, and a curiosity about the magic which can take place and the opportunities and ideas that can arise that can take you to our dream our parenthood.

A magical final part of C.A.L.M. leaving you with a legacy of hope and success for the remainder of your fertility journey.

 But… what is EFT? And why is it used within C.A.L.M.?

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques, also called ‘Tapping’ – is a remarkable technique that brings balance to thoughts, emotions and beliefs by tapping on specific acupressure points on the face, hands and upper body.

EFT has its roots in the ancient wisdom of the Chinese Meridian System, and has proven clinical effectiveness. Research has shown that 60 minutes of EFT results in a 58% reduction in anxiety symptoms and a 43% reduction in cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

I was introduced to EFT as a technique that could eliminate my fear of public speaking. It worked extremely well, and passed the ultimate test of a live TV appearance on BBC News talking about fertility (which I even enjoyed!).

Over the last 20 years I have worked extensively with EFT and fertility support, and you could say I’ve learned a thing or two!

These are some of the reasons I believe it’s the best approach to emotional support on a fertility journey:

➡️ EFT is easy to learn and suitable for almost everyone to use, including alongside other emotional support or techniques.

➡️ It typically brings positive mindset shifts very quickly, so you can prepare for the next steps of your fertility journey without stress.

➡️ EFT reduces or eliminates negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs that do not support you or your fertility journey.

➡️ It uncovers your inner strength, resilience and creativity, and nurtures a positive and supportive mindset.

➡️ EFT is a perfect self-help tool that you can use for instant stress relief; ideal at the fertility clinic, during the “Two Week Wait” or in any stressful situation.

➡️ You can continue to use EFT during pregnancy and birth, and even with your children (it’s sooo helpful for toddler fears and nightmares!)

The way I teach and use EFT in C.A.L.M. is for everyone – whether you’ve never heard of EFT, are already a professional Tapper, or somewhere in between.  In the very first class in C.A.L.M. I will teach you EFT from scratch if needed and then guide you through using this powerful technique for the best possible results to support you and your fertility.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join C.A.L.M.


Your EFT Masterclass - available NOW as soon as you join!

Whether you are brand new to EFT or already a pro, this class has you covered and you’ll feel confident using EFT both within CALM and by yourself. This Masterclass is a powerful way to begin CALM and prepares you for the next 4 steps!


The C.A.L.M. classes

Released one per week, you are guided through each step of CALM with a video class to dive into the topics together:
C – Clarity + Creativity
A – Associations + Attachments
L – Living + Loving
M – Manifesting + Magic



Each class is accompanied by a PDF workbook to explore the topics and track your progress. You can choose to access the workbooks on a screen or print the on paper. Your choice!


Live C.A.L.M. Support Circles with Sarah

A few days after each weekly class there will be a live C.A.L.M. Support Circle on Zoom where you can bring your tapping and support requests. Sarah will tap with you individually and as a group in these powerful 60 minute sessions.


C.A.L.M. fertility support community

This is a special space where you can meet your CALM community, share your story, ask Sarah questions, give and receive support, make friends and stay in touch with what’s happening within CALM.

UNLIMITED Monthly Support Circles - for as long as you need support!

After the 5 weeks of CALM classes we don’t say goodbye… you stay with us for as long as you want and need to! The Support Circles will continue monthly, and you an drop in to as many as you wish. We’d love you to stay in touch and keep tapping with us!


Lifetime access to C.A.L.M.

The CALM program is yours forever and you can rewatch and revisit the content whenever you wish. This is layered work, and you may find you have a difference experience each time you take a class.


C.A.L.M. Events, Fertility Expert Sessions and Q&As

Once you join CALM you are part of a nurturing and supportive fertility community. You will be invited to special live sessions and fertility themed events. Send us your suggestions too and we’ll make it happen!


VIP Access to One-to-One Support

Be the first in line when Sarah has availability for one-to-one support AND receive a 15% discount!


A gift sent to you in the mail!

Sarah will send you a special surprise gift, wherever you live in the world, that will keep you connected to the support you’re receiving withing CALM. You’ll love it!!

Look at this feedback about CALM!

I attended a free class with Sarah during which I felt I needed to sign up for her CALM course! It spoke to me in a way nothing else has and I decided I was going to invest in myself. I have loved CALM and have learned a lot about myself, particularly around beliefs I had been carrying (that weren’t mine to begin with!) that had been holding me back on my fertility journey. I realised I’d been carrying a belief that I didn’t believe I could get pregnant and through tapping and journaling, I now do! How wonderful that feels. The live CALM Support Circles are beautiful and Sarah guides us through the tapping with a warmth and compassion that is really special and rare. I would recommend CALM to absolutely anyone on a fertility journey. It really has changed my life and my outlook. Thank you, Sarah!


I joined CALM after years of struggling with my emotions on my fertility journey, and found that I learned a lot about my thoughts, negative self-talk, emotions and beliefs that I’d pushed aside for a long time. The ‘Living + Loving’ class especially spoke to my heart. During our fertility journey, with all the ups and downs, I’d lost sight of the person that I was and the things I’ve enjoyed doing. Even though I’m putting all of myself into this journey to make sure we get a positive outcome, I’ve now remembered I also need to have a life worth living.

After completing CALM, I am literally feeling calmer and more hopeful too. I feel equipped with the tools I need to continue on this journey.

If you’re considering joining CALM, I would say go for it! If you’re anything like me, spending £1,000s on fertility treatments, private consultations, supplements and other gimmicks, ensure that you take care of your emotional wellbeing too. The journey can be long and hard, and CALM will provide you with the tools that can help you deal with the emotional ups and downs along the way in a gentle and supportive way.


I signed up for CALM to address the emotional and psychological challenges of our fertility journey without feeling so alone. I am very grateful for CALM and the bedrock of the supportive community it provides. Sarah’s contributions to the fertility space are unique, groundbreaking, and unrivalled, and her empathy and insights are on an entirely different level. Her work, including EFT, has made an enormous difference in many aspects of my life as a midlife neurodivergent artist struggling with fertility. 

I joined CALM to get more emotional support and gain insights into potential blocks to conceiving. I had only been using EFT for a couple of months and wanted to discover the true power of such a simple method. I really enjoyed being a part of Sarah’s program and the CALM community of incredible ladies all sharing the same burning desire of motherhood. It has been an eye-opener as I tapped through the lessons and during the group calls, discovering what my fears are and learning how to overcome them. Sarah is amazing and always has the right words, and this has helped me tremendously to confront my own issues that I hadn’t realised were holding me back. 

I highly recommend CALM to anyone who would like to gain more insights into their fears and potential blocks, and moreover for continued support from a group of highly sensitive and incredible ladies led by Sarah!

I really enjoy being part of CALM, and find it wonderful and warm. I like that the classes and workbooks are structured around different themes, and I particularly liked the theme of overwhelm in the second class. Overwhelm summarises my whole fertility journey and finding the next action beyond overwhelm was particularly useful. The ‘Associations and Attachments’ class was wonderful too, as we are on the receiving end of so many different people’s points of view and limiting beliefs around our fertility. 

A highlight of CALM was definitely the Support Circles. Sarah is such a great facilitator; she listens really well to our requests and her tappings are always well directed. 

I have been feeling very well physically since CALM. I got my cycle back during the program after a pause of a few months. I’ve been sleeping well and have found I have a more positive mindset. This puts me in a good place to tackle whatever challenges come my way on my fertility journey.

When you sign up for CALM, you are joining a great and supportive circle!


Having already worked with Sarah & used EFT with her, I joined CALM as I knew it would be beneficial. I was feeling very overwhelmed with everything and struggling to deal with all my emotions. Sarah is so lovely, kind and caring, and her guidance has been invaluable along my fertility journey.  

It has been great working through CALM, and at my own pace. I found the workbooks particularly helpful and gained a lot of insight by completing them alongside the video classes. My favourite class is ‘Clarity & Creativity’ and it is such a good place to start. It made me delve in deep and allow myself time and space to think and grow. 

I’m feeling much more positive about the future and my continued journey. Doing this course allowed me to open my eyes and heart to alternative paths to parenthood. It helped me gain perspective and calmness to see opportunities I hadn’t seen or been open to before. It has brought back hope. 

I would highly recommend joining CALM to bring about change in your life, alongside like-minded people who understand what you are going through.



I joined CALM because I had previously worked with Sarah and I felt that tapping was helping me and I wanted to continue. I love that EFT works quickly with your emotions, and within CALM I started to think bigger and more creatively. It’s like it reset my creative thinking abilities! I do feel calmer now, and I know I have a quick and useful tool at my fingertips to use in any emotional situation.

If you haven’t ever worked with your emotions,  prioritised this work, or you can’t imagine how to begin, I would definitely recommend joining the CALM program. This is the best tool I have ever discovered to work with emotions, and it brings such great results!

Your Questions Answered

Is CALM suitable for me?

If you’re on a fertility journey of any kind, you are welcome to join CALM. Whether you are trying for a baby within a couple or on your own, naturally or with treatment, are uncertain about your next steps, or exploring options such as donor treatment or adoption, you are warmly invited to join us.

When does it start?

The first class becomes available on 1st March and our first Live Support Circle is on Monday 4th March. We start soon, so join us now to connect with all the support!

How long will I have support for?

Access to the content of CALM, the classes, workbooks and community forum is ongoing for as long as you want and need it. You are also invited to join us for monthly Support Circles for as long as you wish. There are no extra costs or membership fees – ever! Once you are a part of the CALM community you are with us for as long as you wish.

Is CALM all online?

Yes, everything is delivered online and the Support Circles take place on Zoom. All live sessions are recorded so you can watch them at a time to suit you.

Can I get extra support?

Yes, you can! If you’d like to supplement your experience of CALM with some private one-to-one sessions with Sarah, you can book 3 sessions for another payment of £299. This package of support is only available through CALM and there are only 10 spots available. Once you have registered for CALM you will be given the chance to book a package (subject to availability). Check your email for your invitation as soon as you join!

What happens if I can get pregnant before or during CALM?

Emotional support during early pregnancy is often just as needed as when you’re trying to conceive, so you are most welcome to stay in CALM and continue to use the resources and receive support. 

What are the dates and times of CALM, and do I need to attend it all live?

The 5 classes are released weekly from Friday 1st March and you can watch them at a time to suit you. The live Support Circles are on Mondays. And the CALM community…. is open 24/7!

Here’s the full schedule:

Fri 1st March – Your EFT Masterclass
Mon 4th March – Live Support Circle
Fri 8th March – C: Clarity + Creativity
Mon 11th March – Live Support Circle
Fri 15th March – A: Associations + Attachments
Sun 17th March – Live Support Circle – note the change of day!
Fri 22nd March – L: Living + Loving
Mon 25th March – Live Support Circle
Fri 29th March – M: Manifesting + Magic
Mon 1st April – Live Support Circle

Then ongoing support for as long as you want and need it, all included with no extra charge: Full access to the CALM classes and workbooks, the CALM community group, monthly Drop-in Support Circles and Special Guest Sessions.

The Live Support Circles are at 7pm GMT / UK. They will be recorded and you can send in tapping requests and questions before.

What if I don't like it?!

As you’ll see from the feedback on this page, CALM is loved by our members! But if within 7 days you’ve taken the first class and you decide it’s not for you, there is a money back satisfaction guarantee. We’d also require your feedback so that we can continue to improve our support.

Can I ask another question?

Please do! Send me a message here and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Sarah Holland

Hello! My name is Sarah Holland

…I am the Fertile Mindset coach

I believe wholeheartedly in the power and brilliance of your mind. I also know that life can get busy and complicated, and we can feel overwhelmed and held back by our own thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Having supported people who are trying to conceive alongside having fertility issues for over 20 years, I have a deep understanding of the unique emotional challenges faced. I also navigated my own 9 year path to parenthood through both fertility treatment and adoption, and I’m now a mum to two boys age 16 and 10.

Fertility support will alway have a special place in my heart, and it’s an honour to teach these techniques and strategies to make a real positive difference on so many people’s fertility journeys.

I’d love to help you create your own amazing Fertile Mindset through the power of EFT Tapping, and I’m so happy that you’re here!

What People Say About Sarah’s Support

When I found Sarah I was looking for something that would help me sort out the thoughts in my head and deal with all of the emotions of this rollercoaster ride of fertility issues. I have learned so much about myself and connected with myself in a way I had never done before. Sarah is simply wonderful and I believe everyone who is going through fertility struggles would benefit from her support.


EFT support with Sarah changed my fertility journey completely. It started working right from the word go!

It helped me relax during a painful gynaecological operation and during stressful IVF treatment.

I can highly recommend Sarah – a kind and compassionate supporter just when you need it most. I’m happy to say we just celebrated our daughter’s first birthday!


Sarah and this group have been a godsend for me these past few months. I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve stabilised emotionally through Sarah’s support and tapping. I had dabbled into tapping before, but never felt comfortable enough to use it on my own. Through Sarah’s coaching, I now feel empowered and comfortable enough to use it in my everyday life. I’m so so thankful for the gift Sarah has given me!


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